Neighborhood Watch is an organized partnership between the community, law enforcement, and Safe Streets. Community members serve as the eyes and ears for law enforcement reporting suspicious activity, holding neighborhood meetings, and much more.  Neighborhood watches can also be components of other neighborhood groups, such as Home Owners’ Associations, Neighborhood Improvement Associations or Neighborhood Associations. Contact Safe Streets to start a neighborhood watch in your area or learn if one already exists.

Starting a Neighborhood Watch

  1. Call Safe Streets to discuss who will be the contact person for your neighborhood watch, what are the concerns or issues in your neighborhood, when will the meeting be held, and where will the meeting be held. 
  2. Canvas the area to decide natural boundaries and whom to include. Determine size of area by looking at natural boundaries such as one way streets, four lane roads, etc. Also look for neighborhood schools, faith communities etc. to include.
  3. Pick a meeting location. You can host it in your yard/home, faith community, school, community center or wherever is convenient.
  4. Safe Streets will provide flyers that you can distribute door to door to invite neighbors.
  5. Safe Streets will invite the community police officer and other officials as needed.
  6. The Topeka city ordinance states to be considered an active neighborhood watch you must hold at least one meeting a year. You can then order neighborhood watch signs through the Safe Streets office.


Checklist for Starting a Neighborhood Watch

Safety Resource Guide

How To:

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